Aberdeen Glassfibre Ltd is a family business established in the North East of Scotland and specialises in manufacturing a wide range of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products.

We have over 30 years experience in the glassfibre industry and offer expert technical advice on all aspects glassfibre moulding and application.

We have a wealth of experience in GRP, manufacturing a wide range of products from one off specials to production runs, offering high quality mouldings yet competitively priced.

rural water supply grant

Many people do not realise there is a grant available of up to £800 per household to assist in the upgrade of rural water supplies, whether it is for well covers, tank installation or UV filters.

We can supply the booklet explaining how to apply.

GRP is an incredibly versatile material which combines lightweight with inherent strength and weather resistant finish. It can be made up with many combinations of integrated materials such as carbon fibre, and kevlar to any colour. GRP can also be made flame retardant or chemical resistant, adding again to it’s own versatility.